We are JK Ads one of the leading advertising firm in Kerala having ISO 9001-2008 certification. Our mission is to make the best media accessible to all clients. Our Services Take an active role in creating, planning, marketing and execution by advertising of brands in every nuke and corner of the state. We are dedicated for increasing our quality of commitment to the clients by knowing their needs. And we believe, "Association with JK ADS" means "Return for your values and investment".


We jk ads is proud of our long term relations with leading organizations both in the Private and Public sector including corporate entities, Non-profit organizations, Government and semi-government agencies.


JK Venture was founded in the year 1968 by Late Sree Janardhanan Nair JK Ads. JK Enterprises , Crystal Institute ,JK Printech, JK agencies, JK Steels, Vijaya Agencies etc are our subsidiaries triumphantly running under the flagship and expert work force.